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Unleash your potential with our open leadership courses or tailor made programs

We offer open training programs for leaders and key personnel who want to learn how to develop trustful relationships and create an effective collaborative culture.

The courses are held in Stockholm and the Öresund region. 

Together with our clients, Lead Beyond develops tailor made leadership programs . We start from your specific situation and combine our unique methods with proven strategies and tools. In this way, we can support companies in creating a strong and efficient leadeership culture that promotes growth and success.

Open courses

Radical Collaboration


Radical Collaboration

6-8 maj , 2024, in Swedish

Stockholm, Bergendal 

Facilitator: Jenny Holmen,

Marie Sjöberg

2-4 okt, 2024, in Swdish

Stockholm, Bergendal

Facilitator: Jenny Holmén, SofiaBook

13-15 nov, 2024, in English


Facilitator: Sofia Book, Marie Sjöberg

17 000 sek excl VAT and board


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Radical Collaboration

How can I build long-term relationships and a culture of trust through my behaviour? Radical collaboration is a 3-day development program that gives you tools and insights into how you can collaborate more effectively, resolve and prevent conflicts, and solve problems in the long term even in conflict-filled situations.

​In the program we practice five basic skills:

1. Intention - the will to cooperate

2. Openness - a prerequisite for cooperation

3. Accountability and choice

4. Self-awareness and understanding of others

5. Problem solving and negotiation

You will get:

  • Tools to prevent possible conflicts and manage collaboration issues and conflicts when they arise
  • Tools to succeed in negotiations and obtain long-term favorable results. 
  • Opportunity to increase profitability by creating effective and long-term cooperation-oriented relationships

Who can gain from Radical Collaboration?

The program is aimed at leaders, managers and key personnel who want to learn how to develop trusting relationships and create an effective collaborative culture.​

The open program covers three days and is located at a conferencecentre in Stockholm or Lund with overnight accommodation. Radica Collaboration can also be carried out internally in your organization.

About us

Lead Beyond

We can help you create a positive movement!

We offer leadership development for individuals and organizations for long-term results. By participating in our open training courses, you get tools and insights to lead yourself and others.

Our belief is that in order to lead others,  first we need to lead ourselves – confident leaders build trustful teams.

We also help organizations develop and strengthen their leaders through tailor-made programs. By combining our unique methods with proven strategies and tools, we can support companies in creating a strong and effective management structure that promotes growth and success.

Our Team

Jenny Holmén

Jenny is an experienced and values-driven leader who, loves to build together with others with head and heart. She is driven by development, challenge and making both people and businesses grow. She has worked with leadership in business for 20 years and as CEO in small and medium-sized companies since 2009, mainly in technical sales to industry. Jenny is a Certified trainer in UGL and Radical Collaboration, a Certified Change Leader and a Certified Business Coach.

Sofia Book

With 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational development in global organizations, Sofia has helped and mentored a few thousand leaders to find their leadership and develop their organizations. Sofia has led global change processes within IKEA and other international companies with a special focus on shifts in culture and leadership. Sofia's conviction is that long-term results are created through eengaged individuals and teams. Sofia is a certified trainer in  The. Human Element, Radical Collaboration, CliftonStrengths, GDQ and LEA360.

Marie Sjöberg

Marie has solid experience with leadership development programs, coaching leaders at different levels and working with executive support.

With a background in psychology, she has a great interest in people's behavior and underlying driving forces. Marie sees that leadership and sustainability go hand in hand by meeting individuals where they are right now, using systematic methods and tools to create effective leaders and teams that can perform well over time.

Marrie is a certified trainer in The. Human Element, Radical Collaboration, CliftonStrengths, GDQ and LEA 360.